About Us

Organized Khaos is here to make your occasion memorable! We add that little extra BANG, and the BOOM that your event needs. Each show can be complimented with music to add that extra flare and feel to your occasion. We are Licensed & Insured with over 10 years of experience. We are the addition you have been looking for.

Our Story

Many are unaware of how Organized Khaos came to be. The story is epic and has grown into a organization that puts smiles on peoples faces year after year, event after event. In 2010 two NY Queens natives were driving a car down  from New York City to Lithonia, Georgia. As they were in transit, they came across Stateline Fireworks in Alabama and learned what real fireworks were and how they can be used to make people sooooo happy. They started out putting on shows to fulfill their suppressed internal pyro. Mortars in buckets filled with sand and ignited with propane torches was how they started.  “Aww the good old days”.  Today they are a premier display company utilizing state of the art electronic firing systems and putting on more sophisticated and technically challenging displays thru-out the Georgia area.