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What Our Customers Have Said

“We partnered with Organized Khaos to facilitate our E Squared: Education & Experience Program. In this Program we provide experiential education to young people in the greater Atlanta metro area. Organized Khaos has been am an amazing partner. The lead pyrotechnicians truly care about teaching and giving back to our community. It was initially difficult to find a partner to help us implement our E Squared Program, but as soon as we met Organized Khaos we saw their passion for educating young people and creating a very memorable experience for their audience. We hope to be able to continue to work with Organized Khaos well into the future because they have opened the eyes of young people in our community in ways we could never imagine.”

We hired Organized Khaos purely because of the amazing videos we saw on their website. The investment business tends to be rigid with tight deadlines and high expectations. That means that if we are going to have an appreciation event for our investment partners, we must meet those same high expectations. Organized Khaos made sure that our appreciation event ended with an amazing, exciting, and captivation fireworks show. It’s been the talk of the town for months. It was a logistical pleasure to work with Organized Khaos as they took care of everything from start to finish. We look forward to working with Organized Khaos again and continuing to exceed our clients wild expectations.